Integrated NFC

All our clothes are authenticated with an NFC chip to
underline their uniqueness.

How does it work?

Fungible Apparel


First, you need to activate your NFC chip.
Scan the tag embedded in the label with your smartphone
to access the linking interface.


Why do we use NFC?

Fungible Apparel

Proof of ownership
& certification

The Fungible Apparel NFC label is the element certifying that the garment has been created by the authentic NFT owner.

It is a product certification label as well as a recognisable quality mark.

Fungible Apparel

Bridging digital
and physical world

We believe that the use of NFTs should not be limited to the digital world. We offer the possibility to enjoy your digital assets in the physical world.

Fungible Apparel

Focus on

Security is our priority. We have chosen advanced chips that depend on our specialised software. We manage the encoding as well as the verification to avoid counterfeiting. It is impossible to encode our chips except through Fungible Apparel.

NFC specifications

NFC Chip


Label Size

25mm Circular






ISO 14443/IEC 14443

Water Resistance


Data Rentention

50 years

Domestic wash

100+ Cycles

Fungible Apparel
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Fungible Apparel
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