The six pillars of Fungibe Apparel


Attention to details

We know that style and comfort lie in the smallest details. We have focused on details that help create something beautiful with special finishes in each of our garments.



We have chosen clean cuts and paid close attention to details in order to create contemporary apparels. Our garments are designed to showcase your NFT in the best way possible.


Modern fit

Modernity is more than a process of innovation, it is a way of thinking that ensures everything we do is relevant. We unveil new styles, cuts and colors, all designed to be totally modern.



Aware of the trends, we are proud to offer a selection of colors with creative potential. Our color selection is specifically made to highlight your NFTs.



Each item of our collection gives a strong sense of comfort and freedom of movement, allowing everyone to feel instantly at ease as soon as they put it on.



We build sustainability into everything we do. Our garments highlight our commitment thanks to the 100% organic cotton, but also a new recycled polyester blend.

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